Welcome to Equinox Impex

Equinox Impex produces a range of colourants for stunning effects on the substrate of your choice. Since the inception, Equinox' products have been satisfying the needs of customers across the world in industries like Wool Nylon, Leather, Paper, Inks and many more.

Equinox is at the forefront of preserving the environment. All of our processes undergo constant improvement to minimize their impact on the environment. Health and safety of its workforce are a part of our corporate social responsibility.

We believe in innovation, entrepreneurship, international standards and high quality in order to take on the challenge against global competition. The primary objective of the company is to create a brand image and product positioning in the international market and, hence, we give priority to offer value based products to our customers from time to time, keeping in mind, the international standards and quality.

In the business of Colours, our prime objective is to leave a lasting impression of our quality in the minds of our esteemed clientele.

The Major corporate goals at Equinox:-

We have set our priorities to institutionalize continuous improvement in production, quality, marketing, sales, logistics and finally on export activities so as to enable us to improve the quality of the products as a whole.

At Equinox, of prime importance is technology that changes the business environment radically and new business model that alters the whole dynamics of customer service and satisfaction.

In the changing and emerging new business scenario Equinox believes that the major areas to care critically are basically top quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, the company has adopted a fresh new quality policy, continuous research and product development.