Equinox Impex is a one of the world's premier dye manufacturers and a supplier of dyes and colorants.

Equinox Impex serves a variety of constituents, both domestic and international, in a variety of capacities. Combining materials and technology, Equinox Impex's dedicated team members manufacture a wide spectrum of specialized dyes that meet customer requirements. Equinox Impex's materials serve applications ranging from cotton to agro uses. Whether you need a fast off-the-shelf dye or a custom engineered solution, Equinox Impex can fulfill your dye manufacturing needs. Equinox Impex's dye offerings include water based dyes, solvent dyes, organic dyes and synthetic dyes.

Technical Services

We see building relationships with customers as mutually rewarding and long term. At Equinox, customer is always the prime focus. It is the endeavor of the company to continue to strive towards customer satisfaction. Our technical cell is ready to deliver technical requirements of customers and trouble-shoot any problem and enhance the value proposition.

Values in Business

More than anything we cherish our commitment to age-old value system viz Honesty in dealing with customers, Integrity in what we do, Ethics before profits, Reliability for an everlasting relationships and our commitments. We recognize these common values are very uncommon in today's business environment. We see our strength and uniqueness lies in adopting and implementing this value-based system.

Equinox Impex - A Certified Facility

Equinox Impex is a certified facility. Equinox Impex's dye manufacturing plant in Odhav, Ahmedabad is a certified facility, having completed the statutory requirements. As a certified facility, Equinox Impex demonstrates its commitment to environmental, health, safety and security practices and has exceeded the minimum compliance requirements.

It is the policy of the company to deal with only those products, which are environment friendly. We wish to be part of responsible citizenry. Our products comply with the Environment Safety and Preservation Guidelines. We are equipped to deal with certifications required in this regard.